Explore the RV Mats That We Offer

Protect your investment with a custom entry mat from Wade RV.  Our entry mats are custom made to fit your specific motorhome. Unlike traditional vehicles, RV’s are hand built, and because of that, require a custom solution to ensure you get the best possible fit for your entry mat. There is no one size fits all solution for RV mats.

different options to get a mat made for you

We have 2 different options to get a mat made for you –

Option 1: You can bring the coach to us, we can template your coach, make and install the mat. This typically take about 2 days to complete. You can either leave the coach with us, or you can take the coach after we do the template and either come back for the install or we can ship it to you when the mat is ready.


Option 2: We can ship you a precut template and you can pattern the coach yourself. We have a YouTube video that walks you through the process. https://youtu.be/EE1tI_Ds1aM

Once we receive the template back from you, we’ll make and ship the mat to you.


We offer the mats in a brown or charcoal (black) color. They are made from a durable indoor/outdoor carpet. They are rubber backed to prevent sliding on tile and laminate floors. Our most popular package includes the main mat as well as the inside steps. Vacuuming is the best way to maintain them. In the event that something gets spilled on them, they can be hosed off and laid out to dry.

Custom Measurements

Even two coaches with the same model, year, and floor plan could still have different measurements. Since every coach is unique, we measure each unit individually to build a custom set.

Our Process

We recommend visiting our location so we can take the measurements. However, if you are unable to do so, we can send a pre-cut plastic template you can use to check your coach. Just indicate any changes that we need to make, and send it back to us.

Product Delivery

We can ship the custom RV mats straight to your door.

Ask Us Anything

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our team for more information about our RV products, which include upholstery and accessories.